1994 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD. A daily driver that is driven to the track and back running 9.10 and 160.1 in the quarter mile while remaining near stock apearing with perfect drivability. First dyno session of the year the car hit 650whp on pump gas and 781whp on race gas, and 811whp on E85!


10/20/13 GTR page up!

)7/22/2013 GTR page coming to Curtbrownracing.com!

06/25/2012 Added Shortblocks to this site and curtbrownracing.com

03/21/2012 EVO is sold! New 2012 WRX premium hatch replaces it, my bike fits, im happy.

03/07/2012 EVO IX is for sale, starting new business. 47k miles, fully fresh motor/trans. $38,500 takes it, there are $35,000 in mods alone in this car, show winner, Dsport mag feature, record holder, ect.

02/27/2012 Updated EVO IX specs

12/03/11 Not a whole lot new, made 605/529 on FP's ne DBB Green HTA turbo, BR 2.3 and my newest head. Very happy with the cars current state, just flat out rediculous on the street.

07/15/2011 Congrats to Brick for running a 10.58@136.91 in his 16G powered Talon street car Not bad for a guy of his size, remember Lou Ferrigno? Maybe the extra torque of my 2G race head helped move his large mass:)

06/16/2011 Couple of big changes coming to the car in the next two weeks stay tuned.

03/20/2011 Big thanks to Deric from Green Filter for the custom filter I required for this build, they built the highest flowing filter possible right to my spec even down to the color, nice to have such a great company local.

02/09/2011 Buschurs dyno on the BR 2.3 and FPGreen HTA73, 533whp and 527tq, equivilant to 613whp on the dynojet, this is after David fixed the Mivec map and we turned the boost up. this might be the best usable street powerband ever produced by an EVO.

02/062011 573whp, 510tq, BR2.3&FP Green on E85 30psi spike falling to 25. Not bad but more is coming. 2011 goals, 10.19@134 stock IX turbo, 9.90@140's Green too start, will run the Red and the Black also, and of course in a REAL car, not a gutted pile of scrap that others need to set records.

01/29/2011 Long overdue update on the car. Installed fresh Buschur Racing 2.3l shortblock in the car and got close too 200 miles on it as of today, freaking insane powerband with the stroker and FP Green HTA, can't wait for better weather.

Anounced today about the availability of ceramic wheel bearings for the 03-06 EVO, I used them near the nd of last year, they must work, 137.7mph on pump gas and a green HTA. Also used them on the Talon race car, example: FP 82HTA 40psi 9.7@156 , ceramic wheel bearings and an 86HTA at only 34psi 9.1@160 . I first used them in my 2006 ZX10 bike, made a differance on two wheels so I knew for sure it would on four.

11/01/2010  Made 481whp on Buschurs Mustang Dyno with the new setup, there is maybe 20whp left on the table with the FP Green but thats it.

10/19/2010 Drove the EVO out to Pittsburgh Raceway Park to meet up with some of the local EVO owners and to put some more miles on the new motor. Got to the track wich is about 60 miles away and now have 640 miles on it, wait nearly three hours to make a pass on 93 octane pump gas. Everyones asking what will it run, I say im guessing around a 10.8@130, car feels kinda fast on the road but you never know. So I launch the car very gently and get wheel hop, very odd it never hops, I lift and short shift 2nd, still kinda confussed on why that happened I held 3rd to 7980 wich is about 500rpm past peak power or so and go through the traps in 10.85@137.7. Would liked to have made another pass but I wasn't about to wait 3-4 hours so I called it a day. Big thanks to Buschur Racing for this killer shortblock and to Robert at FP for a turbo that spools as quick as stock but pulls close to 35R traps:)

10/06/2010 Car is now running on a bunch of new parts, Buschur Racing 10-1 shortblock, Skunk2 intake manifold and fuel rail, my ported race head, BR 3/4 cold air radiator, new Shepherd racing ultimate ratio gearbox along with some other goodies im not going to mention yet.

09/20/2010 Currently installing new Buschur Racing 10-1 built shortblock, my ported head with Kiggly springs, ShepRacing ultimate ratio trans and new clutch, it's a big job but will be well worth it. Will break the new combo in with a FP Green HTA and then will be installing a FP Black with some other goodies, stay tuned:)

09/08/2010 Big thanks to Ryan at Moore Performance for his new coolant product, seems to have cut down on detonation and coolant temp, I highly recommend it!

08/16/2010 Both the winners of Quick 16(TPG) and the runner up(Jesse Abele) used my cylinder heads, must not be too bad:)

08/06/2010 Sheptrans Wavetrac transfer case installed eliminating the ACD system, also Sheptrans rear diff upgrade, EVO now has so much grip everywhere it's absurd!

08/01/2010 Done with the Talon, car is available for full part out, not enough time for two cars.

06/01/2010 Buschur IDRC Sport Compact event, won the AWD slick tire class, new best time of 9.10@160.31!

05/18/2010 Added 2006 EVO IX to the stable!

2/12/10 Installed The Brakeman Revolution brake kit to all four corners, with these brakes you eliminate all caliper drag and lose 61 pounds of unsprung and rotating weight from the car, 31#'s off the front, 18#'s on the rear and 12#'s for the parking brake. I feel the rear brake kit is more important due to the terrible design of the rear screw style caliper. Email or call me if anyone has any questions concerning The Brakeman Brakes, there is alot more benifits than what im saying:)

12/28/09 End of a good year. Black car did OK concidering I just found the problem of why the launch was bad and rpm drop in between shifts was so bad, when running a single disc clutch I had the top clutch switch adjusted all the way to the top allowing for more hydrolic through for full clutch release, well I never lowered it back so if I every time I breathed on the clutch it would engage the  NLTS (which was set to 6700, TOO LOW!) and kill the car, this fix alone will make the car fast, oh and yes I raised the limit to NLTS limit to 9000!

Also will be upping the compression by a couple of points or so as well as a 2G head, those two items along with E85 should scoot the car to a quick ET.

As for the red 93 Talon it's been sporting Forced Performances new FP68HTA turbo, all I can say is wow what a nice street car with that turbo, 25 psi by 3200 on a winter tune.

10/20/09 Switching both cars to 2G heads that ive prepared along with a custom JMF SMIM made special for the red Talon, should be interesting:)

10/09/09 811WHP and 672 torque on E85 before the headgasket let go.

9/10/09  Back on Sheetz E85 for the black car.

08/17/09  17th annual DSM Shootout, ran 9.62@153, 9.60@156.95, 9.58@153.4 and a new best for the Talon of 9.45@159.59. In the semi finals against Big Al I broke the drivers side rear axle:( 

04/10/09 Video of the 781whp on my Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/video/?id=606404423

04/04/09 Car dynod at 650whp on 93 octane BP gas and 781whp on VP Q16 before the clutch let out. Big thanks to Nate Silvari for all the help and FIC for the new Blue Max 1350cc injectors that got the duty cycles back down to 84%.


02/04/09  Upgraded the wheel bearings to ceramic and had a new factory Mitsubishi transfer case REM treated by Shepherd Racing to reduce some frictional losses. Getting closer to the 2009 season!


12/16/08 Some changes for 2009, upgraded the throttle body to a Full Function 75mm leakproof unit, 5" intake piping and a Shearer T3 header to compliment the new FP HTA3586 turbo. Also FP 5r cams and Kiggly valve springs(don't be cheap, get these springs, there the best there is.)



10/20/08 2008 drag season is now over here, new best ET of 9.77 and best MPH of 156.81. Next year the car will be a hair lighter and be running a FP 3586HTA turbo in a T3 housing with a T3 header.


08/18/08 Car is running better than ever,  won the Import Faceoff Outlaw class at Draway 42 with a 10.1@150.9 and then running 9.85 and 156.81 at the 2008 DSM Shootout.


07/24/08 BR motor back in the car along with the new FP4R cams and fresh Shep Stage IV trans, getting broke in now, made 619 WHP and 497 torque on BR Mustang Dyno with the new FP35R HTA.

06/20/08 Ran at QCR on pump gas full street trim, 10.8@136 21psi and 10.5@142 at 26psi, not bad on 93octane and the FP3582HTA.

1/25/08 Well hows 460hp and 469 torque sound on a stock 7-bolt? No problem, FP EVO 3 16g, FP manifold, DSMLINK, BR 4" race core, JMF SMIM, HKS 272's and nates tune on C-16. Might as well work out all the bugs on the stock motor before putting the BR stage III in.


12/17/07 Some great changes to the 1994 Talon project, Buschur's new 4" race IC cools like no other, Dynatek ignition, went from HKS 264's to 272's.


10/17/06  EVO is now sold.

09/09/06 AMS GT37r first outing:

9.33@155.3 at PRP, no traction spinning everywhere, I will need a track like Norwalk to run a better time.

08/17/06 DSM Shootout

Thanks to Dave Buschur(BR), Martin from AMS and John Shepherd(ShepRacing) the EVO ran the best of 9.34@150.7 and 9.41@152.33, new BR shortblock, BR tune, AMS off the shelf 35r kit and John's magic transmission to thank! Also put 655hp to Buschurs's heartbreak dyno.


 06/18/06 Evo STI shootout in Norwalk Ohio

Only got in two runs, 9.81@138.96, low boost, no launch shifted into 5th at 1000 ft mark, just an easy shakedown run.

2nd pass launched it this time, not hard(6000 rpm) 35 peak boost tapering to 32, car nosed down hard after the 1/8th so  I lifted, 9.68@141.85--Spun rod bearing! Just to give an idea it went 6.2@113.3 in the 1/8th on low boost and soft launch, easy 9.3@149 in it under full power.


06/01/06 BR tune!

600.5 hp on Dave's Mustang dyno, Dave tuned it to a safe 600 with knock control on at 38 psi.  Not bad for a 35r car!


04/09/06 Mission accomplished.

Got three runs in at PRP, 10.651@126.77, 10.694@127.64 and 10.597@127.47.  New stock turbo world record.



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