This obssesion with drag racing all started with Mopar street racing cars in the late 80's. I have owned over twenty small and big block Mopar's, fastest being a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 440 cubic inch engine, daily driver for years and ran a best of 11.89@121 mph. Also had many Darts, Dusters, Chargers, Barracuda's and my favorite a 1974 Cuda factory 360 pistol grip four speed car in yellow, car was mint, the 360 lasted about a month and then was replaced with a mild 383 magnum, this was my daily driver for years.
After the muscle car fad I got into turbo Dodges, I owned three Shelby Chargers and two Daytona turbos wich got me hooked, from there it evolved into DSM's with my 1990 Eclipse GSX, this car went from running 12.0@115 to 10's on a FP Green, to high 9's on a FP Red, to low 9's on a FP 3065. In the time of owning the Eclipse it got to be more of a race car than a street car so I picked up a 1990 FWD talon Tsi wich I drove for about two years, it ran a best of 11.4@135 on a FP Green. 
At first I thought the EVO was the ugliest car on the road, but they started to warm up to me so I picked up a new 2003 Tarmac black EVO VIII. About five weeks into owning the car I went to the 2004 DSM shootout, first pass, BOG 12.0@120.76! Not bad, basic BR stage IV parts and stock clutch, went on to win the event with a best of 11.58@119.58 a new stock turbo world record. That same year the car ended up running a 11.2@122.6 with an upgraded Exedy clutch, when spring hit a few more tweeks to the set-up yeilded a 10.92@124.98 at the EVO/STI shootout in Norwalk Ohio again lowering the stock turbo record. 
  Big thanks to Martin Musial of AMS, David Buschur of Buschur Racing, Robert Young of Forced Performance, and John Shepherd of ShepRacing for all the transmissions that have never let me down.
Curt Brown                                            
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